Mission & Goals


Scene Trauma Safety (STSI) is the only Accident Scene Management certified instructor in Pennsylvania. Our mission is to enhance the survival rate and reduce severity of injuries for the injured riders of all motorized vehicles. We expect to decrease the chance of rescuer injury due to how to start a research paper on a novel inappropriate actions at the accident scene. We also expect to educate motorists how to protect themselves legally and financially should an accident occur. Excitement is growing nation wide regarding a program that is bound to make a difference in communities. The EMS has done much over the years to save lives by providing more specialized training and equipment to professionals. Though the number of CPR trained general public is at it’s highest level, CPR is really geared at handling heart attack and choking victims and doesn’t adequately deal with trauma situations where spinal immobilization and bleeding are other critical factors. The biggest hindrance to bystander care is fear and lack of knowledge. The weakest link in the EMS “Chain of Survival” is the Early Life Saving Intervention. Outcomes could be greatly enhanced by providing the earliest possible proper care and intervention. Trained bystanders can provide that care and work as an asset to the EMS already in place. It is my desire to see Bystander care become something everyone knows. It can be taught at schools, churches, community hospitals, to clubs, & businesses (US Dept. of Labor claims workers are more likely to die in motor vehicle crashes than best term paper writing service in any other job-related incident – 1996 report). Each state should have it’s own program. Motorcycle Trauma classes should be offered and run in a way similar to the MSF program. The popularity is obvious and the outcome would pay for itself immediately with reduced injuries and fatalities.